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Do you have a clear idea about what your private trip should look like? Let us help you design your unique excursion.

Birthday on the beach, a snorkel trip, a combination with our Calypso-chill-zone in the Spanish water?

A romantic dinner by candlelight with your loved ones on our boat the Red Snapper?

We welcome you and make your experience unforgettable!

We can also arrange catering, bbq and beverage packages. From $ 350 for up to 30 passengers!
(Boarding at Caracas Bay, Fisherman’s Harbor)

Example Trip Overview

[us_cta title=”Snorkel Trip” color=”custom” text_color=”#000000″ controls=”bottom” btn_link=”|||” btn_label=”Snorkel Trip” btn_style=”outlined” btn_color=”primary” btn_icon=”fas|check-square”]During this 3.5-hour boat trip our snorkel instructor guides you along a 400 meter drift tour of Director’s Bay, ending at the Caracas Bay “Tugboat Beach”.[/us_cta][us_cta title=”Curacao Sunday” color=”custom” text_color=”#000000″ controls=”bottom” btn_link=”|||” btn_label=”Curacao Sunday” btn_style=”outlined” btn_color=”primary” btn_icon=”fas|check-square”]Start the day with a round of Spanish water, go to the beach of Santa Barbara, go swimming, snorkeling. Then chill out on our terrace, enjoy a delicious BBQ while watching the beautiful sunset.[/us_cta][us_cta title=”Spanish Water Sightseeing” color=”custom” text_color=”#000000″ controls=”bottom” btn_link=”|||” btn_label=”Spanish Water Sightseeing” btn_style=”outlined” btn_color=”primary” btn_icon=”fas|check-square”]Today, Spanish waters are more popular than ever. Surrounded by the countryside you will find villas of celebrities, athletes and even the Dutch royal family.[/us_cta]
[us_cta title=”Boat trip with Terrace” color=”custom” text_color=”#000000″ controls=”bottom” btn_link=”|||” btn_label=”Boat trip with Terrace” btn_style=”outlined” btn_color=”primary” btn_icon=”fas|check-square”]Discover the newest secret hideout of Curaçao, an oasis of peace and nature in the heart of the Spanish Water.[/us_cta][us_cta title=”Boat Charter” color=”custom” text_color=”#000000″ controls=”bottom” btn_link=”|||” btn_label=”Boat Charter” btn_style=”outlined” btn_color=”primary” btn_icon=”fas|check-square”]Rent the “Red Snapper” with captain. Add a snorkel guide and enjoy drinks, food and enjoy the good times![/us_cta][us_cta title=”Sunset Curacao” color=”custom” text_color=”#000000″ controls=”bottom” btn_link=”|||” btn_label=”Zonsondergang Curacao” btn_style=”outlined” btn_color=”primary” btn_icon=”fas|check-square”]Be witness to fantastic sunsets from our “Calypso terrace” in the Spanish water. No better way to make a sunset unforgettable![/us_cta]
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